Monday, July 18, 2011

Smell This

The weather was criminally gorgeous yesterday, so it follows that I would be working inside all day.  I was moping at my desk, mumbling something or other about Vilebrequin swim trunks and frosty beverages, when my nostrils perked up at the loveliest scent. 

A designer client of mine had just walked in, and she seemed to be emanating the smell of summer personified.  It's difficult to tell someone that they smell heavenly without seeming like someone who collects human hair in scrapbooks.  However, I was compelled by sense of duty to ask. 

The culprit: a bergamot cologne from Le Labo, the New York-based parfumerie with a decidedly apothecarian aesthetic.

I'm a big fan of colognes, but they rarely stick to me for long...nor I to them.  A candle is,  for me, the next best thing.  And luckily Le Labo has taken some of their most popular formulas and made them wick-ed.  If you're not groaning too hard, take a look at their offerings

And yes, "wick-ed" just happened.

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