Monday, December 14, 2009

Yule Blog

Hello again, friends!

Looks like I've climbed out of my serious Glee/GaGa/carbohydrate hole and have finally seen my shadow, if not my feet.  Holiday awesomeness is predicted for all, and here are some lead indicators (and a de facto xmas list for those of you who gave birth to me and are reading this):

My family and I waded through the Thanksgiving Day post-parade melee to see the Lewis Carrol-inspired Bergdorf windows, and as usual, they did not disappoint.  A particularly fantastical favorite (below) features a cacophany of chromed musical instruments, disco unicorns and a Naeem Khan-clad social X-ray standing on the mantel. 

The fantasy here, I suppose, is that an 85-pound body could support a 90-pound beaded gown, let alone scale a fireplace.  In my YouTube re-creation/your dreams, I will be wrapped in tin foil, standing on top of my bathroom vanity and flatironing my emo-bangs.

Also loving the new David Stark holiday goodies for West Elm (below).  For the uninitiated, Stark is the go-to genius for the fete set in NYC, planning some of the chicest and most creative parties this side of...well...time and space.  He captured some of his signature flair for his WE collection, no hand-engraved Crane & Co. invite required:

Check out David's webiste for some gorgeous party ideas, as well.  (I need help deciding between Cipriani's and Lincoln Center for my imagined commitment cermony to Orlando Bloom. By the way, we're registered at Mary Boone Gallery and the Library of Congress.)

West Elm has some other holiday niceties, as well, for those of you in need of some low-paycheck, high-payoff wintertime entertaining supplies.

WE's Manzanita candelabra has an echo of Michael Aram without the sticker shock.  And with spots for nine mini-tapers, it's a perfect hostess gift for that Hannukah bellini-and-bagel brunch you're attending. 

Other items on my Secret Santa list:

- anything monogrammed
- the rights to turn Troop Beverly Hills into a stage musical
- a monetary donation in my name to the struggling shelter mag of your choice
- floor seats to the Gaga show next month (or cheap seats along with really stylish opera glasses)
- early parole

Thanks for reading...and the happiest of holidays to all three of you!

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