Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Back, Blogger!

Inspired by the new food porn/blogging epic that is Nora Ephron's Julie and Julia, I've decided to unearth My First Blog and add a little more digital narcissism to the Hinternet. If Julie Powell can write a wildly successful blog, get a book deal, get her book adapted into a movie, and make millions of dollars, then why can't I? This is a rhetorical question, and all answers should be forwarded here.

Not only does the film contain an accurate protrayal of a blogger who does not use a Macintosh laptop, it has some real design hotness as well. Three examples are in this picture:

Pretend this is (Decorating) Highlights for Children and find the following:

-The LeCreuset enamel cassoulet in sunset orange that I got for Christmas four years ago. Thanks Aren and Rebecca!

-A pegboard for copper cookware that will surely haunt my dreams for months to come.

-The Shoes. These shoes surely have a standing table at Da Silvano and engage in brief but widely publicized amours fous with yacht-owning financiers. They complain listlessly to their maids about how hard it is to find a decent maid. They summer. I would put them on my nightstand and throw my keys and change into them, if only my keys and change were worthy of such a magnificent vessel.

Go see J&J, and let me know your favorite design bon mots.

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