Monday, May 12, 2008

Shine a Light

Lighting a modern/contemporary space can be difficult if you don't have the budget for hardwired fixtures. A lot of what's on the market is either IKEA-disposable or looks capable of opening the pod bay doors.
I'm always on the lookout for lighting solutions that are modular, simple and unique without being space-age gimmicky. Here're a few that struck my fancy recently:

Tobi Wong's Sun Jar (below, bottom left) and Moon Jar (above)capture the just-caught vibe of bayou fireflies with Japanese techno flare. Gorgeous as a nightlight for midnight refrigerator spelunking...or as a centerpiece for all those al fresco dinner parties you wish you had enough stylish friends to populate. And they're both powered by stored solar energy and rechargeable the Osmonds.

The String 10 Light (right) by Patrick Townsend is a more stylish version of those Christmas lights you still haven't taken down. Get off your slacker duff and plug one in!

The Corner Lamp (below, top right) is a chic solution for any space-starved and/or lighting-challenged abode. Simple, spectral and just a lil creepy, it's like a Robert Irwin sculpture for your living room.

Hironao Tsuboi's LampLamp (below, bottom right) straddles the fence between "way too cute" and "Damn, I wish I had thought of that." I think it tips toward the latter enough to warrant a mention here. A single bulb hanging over each of two Rococo nightstands could be kinda cheeky and fantastic, or float a flock of them as a dining room chandy.

Although not technically lighting, the Color Light DVD (above, top left) is too cool not to include here. It cycles through the complete spectrum in about 20 min, turning your TV into an LED color fiesta that should entertain design aficionados and stoners alike. Less of a fire hazard than Dad's old lava lamp....and with more character development than all your Adam Sandler DVDs combined.

Have any lights fantastic of your own to share? Lemme know!

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