Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My New Design BFF -- The Egg from "Risky Business"

While there are a beaucoups things from Risky Business that make my insides warm (see: Ray Bans, chintz sofas, half-shirts), Joel's mom's crystal egg is clearly the star of the whole film.
It is a one-off from Steuben made just for the movie, and although I slogged through about 745 tragic YouTube recreations of Tom Cruise's tighty-whitey dance , I can't seem to find a picture of the real deal. This will have to suffice:

The original is about eleven times sexier, and when Tommy makes his amazing slo-mo diving catch at the end of the film, you can see a special glint in his eye that says, "This egg is the crystallized brain of L. Ron Hubbard, and one day, I too will have my brain turned into a glass egg for others to put on their mantle and enjoy."

As a non-Clear, I will have to make do with a "stunning" knock-off.

I'm picturing the 2009 version with some Baker barrel chairs in white ostrich, a giant Franz Klein on the wall, and a pantsless Nicolas Ghesquiere breath-polishing it to a perfect shine. Alternately, you/I could use it to hold up your/my well-thumbed collection Sookie Stackhouse novels, with an unopened copy of Heidegger's An Introduction to Metaphysics thrown in to impress your/my internet dates.

In reality though, I would probably just pretend I was Edie from Out of this World, and use it to talk to the disembodied voice of my alien father.

See? It has so many uses! Thanks, Egg!


Lindsay Falkner said...

My family owns the egg. We're trying to find out anything and everything we can about the one made for the movie and any and all other eggs like it that exist. We were told when we bought it that it was one of three but it's the exact same design and same designer. I have a picture of it, if you'd like to see. Just e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

i want to buy an egg like this for an anniversary present. anyone know where? steuben doesn't make them anymore.