Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka and....doh...John Mayer

Just when I'm ready restrict my design-related reading to the Soviet Home Catalog and Edith Wharton novels, Elle Decor comes along with a whizzbang trio of "At Home With..." articles that really tickles every corner of my magazine-addled brain.  The breakdown is below the fold:

Anna Sui's Greenwich Village apartment (above, photo courtesy of Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V) is the design equivalent of black licorice, except that it doesn't make me want to wipe my toungue off with a paper napkin after eating a whole box of it. 

Love the inlaid commode. Love the etagere with her signature creepy dolly-heads. Love the black-and-whites of rock stars (that probably came with a birthday card signed "XO, John V.")  We don't really need to discuss the peacock, do we? It defies explanation, and pecks at your eyes if you cross it.

I would totally love to curl up in her living room with a crossword puzzle, a plate of Oreos and a Boston terrier....but where wouldn't I want to do that.  (If you can think of anything else black and white that would go, by all means comment away! Perhaps a penguin playing a tiny piano. Adorbs.)

For more B+W mayhem, check out the Badgley Mischka vacay manse down in Kentucky (above).  Somehow, they have hacked into your/my brain and figured out how much you/I love eat-in libraries, chesterfields, and vintage trophies (see first-ever Decomancer post!).  Uncanny.  My copy of the photo spread has been ripped out in full, stuffed in an envelope and mailed to God with a note that says "If you have a sec..."

And since there has to be a Martin Short in every Three Amigos, Elle Decor decided to round out its little celeb home trio with a profile of John Mayer's SoHo pied-a-douche.

I'm not sure what happened here. Did he buy the model home?  He must have been shtupping someone at Elle....or at Armani Casa....or both....at the same time.   Because this looks like My First Apartment Since My Dad Got Me That Awesome Job At Goldman Sachs....except the stylist hid the 60" plasma and Wii.  Yawn. Stretch. Barf.

But two out of three ain't too shabby, ED!  Keep up the good work.

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