Monday, July 16, 2012

The Next Nonsense: Feeling Down

Now that my puppy is (slightly) cured of his addiction to chewing everything I love, I am on the hunt for some decent patterned throw pillows for my sofa.  In the six months since moving into my new apartment, it seems like the mass market decor chains have cycled rapidly through some pretty abysmal and exhausted/ing pattern trends.  A brief recap:

Ikats (Egads!)

Zigzag (Zzzzz...)

Kilim (Kill me...)

1980s Southwestern (Adios, por favor...)

French flour sacks (sac de merde...)

Also, we have apparently not yet rid ourselves of the retro owl scourge....

So my question is this:  What is the next mass market nonsense?

Here are my predictions:

Floral chintz:  When the name of the fabric has literally become a pejorative, resurrection is futile...and yet almost guaranteed.

Metallic: The only item on the list of things that should be the color of metal?  Actual metal.

Toile: Since going into remission several years ago, we've become complacent and our immunity is low down.  Prepare for an imminent flare-up....

My dream pillow? Oh yes please!

What are you predictions/requests/fears? 

1 comment:

Faux_Ami said...

My prediction? A variation on animal prints - actual animals! Guinea pig, hedgehog, iguana... A variety of colors and textures for everyone except the phobic and the allergic.