Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ahhhtumn in New York

There is just a soupçon of fall in the air this morning (not to be confused with a falling soupcan in the air...a common occurrence in Brook-nam).  But like all pleasant New York weather, I'm sure it will last about as long as your/my most recent obsession with Miley Cyrus.  That is to say (sadly) I probably won't be wearing a hoodie again tomorrow. 

Predictably, I was that kid in high school who would wear a J Crew turtleneck and plaid wool trousers the second they appeared in the August catalog, ignoring the 90 degree September days in San Diego.  I have since learned to abstain from the bushels of cable-knit whatnots that pop up in all my favorite clothing store windows come late summer, and instead channel my craving for fall wardrobe into an arena less likely to make me sweat profusively....namely stuff for my new-ish apartment.

This year there are plenty of peacoat- and cardigan-inspired home goodies, enough to placate one's inner yearning to dress like Claire Danes circa 1995.  Just promise not to henna your hair and wax ironic about Jordan Catalano...

These cable knit pillows and throws (below) from West Elm are asking to be hugged, unlike that witholding family member you talk about in group therapy.  Squeezing is pleasing, I say, and this pillow is Charmin for your sofa. (DickWilson, RIP.)

Grey flannel is not just a cheap cologne you can buy at CVS.  The tradish sartorial fabric has transcended the overcoat and joined the home decor party.  These grommeted curtains (also from West Elm) are crazy affordable and force me (non-optional, really) to make a pun about Don Draper(y).  An applied grosgrain trim would add a little rep-tie pop, non?

These cashmere throws from Williams Sonoma Home look almost wearable, even if they do cost as much as a mixed-breed puppy. (Does the word recessionista make you want to vom as much as me?)  I would order one in Autumn Glaze, which totally sounds like something your aunt de certain age would order at a cash bar at a wedding.   Ooooh, and they come monogrammed....unlike that Snuggie you're hiding under your sofa.

I'm also digging the flannel Henning sofa from Anthropologie.   The contrasting preppy plaids hit that cozy fall sweet spot, and the acid orange piping saves it from full-on Revenge of the Nerds.  Pair with neon sunglasses, Louis Vuitton sneaks and auto-tune and you are approaching the furniture equivalent of Kanye West.
Have any of your own back-to-school must-haves?  Comment away, dear reader(s).  That means you, too, mom...

(P.S. If you haven't already, go see The September Issue.  Grace Coddington should be knighted.)


pandora said...

I'm surprised there isn't already a line of Don Draper Drapes in vintage fabrics (obvs) from the non-existent Banana Republic home store or something. It's a marketing oversight.

Julia said...

Love the sofa, love it all. I get almost giddy when the autumn catalogs and magazines come out.