Monday, April 21, 2008

Shall I Lichen You to Spring?

Maybe it's my recent addiction to 19th century British literature, but I'm really digging these mossy finials from Smith and Hawken:

Steeped in faux baronial decadence, they're almost downright...well...Wuthering, no?

One on your entry table would be the perfect spot to toss your fog-drenched bonnet after a lonely walk through the moors, spent contemplating the infuriating gender norms and social constructions that have made it nearly impossible for you to escape the unbearable prospect of an arranged marriage to a moneyed but overly-pious landowner, all the while wistfully recalling that perfectly sun-dappled picnic/tryst that you shared with the sensitive son of the town cobbler but a fortnight past.

Or they could be bookends.

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