Saturday, April 26, 2008

Capital Climbs

I usually consider myself a pretty fearless DIY-er.

However, while I was re-painting my kitchen last month (Glidden Ribbon Yellow), I found myself without a decent ladder. Teetering atop a stack of dictionaries straining to reach a particularly elusive corner, I suddenly realized that a subdural hemorrhage was not a price I was willing to pay for a decent paint job.

But if you're anything like me, you have nowhere to hide an ugly ladder. (You also think you might start watching Gossip Girl, and are possibly lactose intolerant.)

Prospects are kinda grim on the non-hideous, non-invasive ladder front, but here're a couple ideas:

The Household Telescoping Ladder (left) from good ol' Target is compact enough to hide in that ne'er-dusted space betwixt cabinet and fridge. For most projects, it's ideal. However, much like Whitney Houston, it can't stand up without leaning against a wall.

If you want something a little funkier, I suggest buying a wooden stepladder (Werner makes the best ones) and painting it a color of your choosing. For my place, I'm thinking a high-gloss black.

Leaning seductively in a corner, it'll be unobtrusive yet stylish, and useful for changing a light bulb.

Hmmm....can you date a ladder?

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